Rolling Hills Red Deer Farm


Our Farm-Raised Red Deer Venison

Our venison is naturally raised with no antibiotics or growth hormones. High in protein and iron but low in fat and cholesterol, it’s a perfect choice in society’s recent strive for healthy living. Red deer venison is also high in vitamins B6 and B12.

Cooked hot and fast our farm-raised venison is moist and tender without the gamey taste normally associated with venison. Our venison is federally inspected and can be shipped anywhere in the United States (48 lower).

Ask about harvesting your own red deer stag or hind during winter months. 

Price Table

Filet Mignon$40.00/lb
Boneless Loin$28.00/lb
Leg Medallion$16.25/lb
Denver Steaks$15.25/lb
Whole Round Steak$11.25/lb
Boneless Roast$9.25/lb
Cubed Venison (Shish Kebab)$9.00/lb
Venison Patties$8.75/lb
Ground Venison$8.00/lb
Venison Hot Dogs$8.75/lb
Smoked Kielbasa$8.50/lb
Sausages (smoked or hot)$9.00/lb
Liver, Kidneys$2.00/lb
Summer Sausages$5.50ea or 3/$16
Ring Bologna (Reg & Garlic)$10.50/lb
Smoked Chipped Venison$20.00/lb
Bologna Sticks (Sweet, Sweet&Cheese, Sweet&Hot pepper cheese, Teriyaki, BBQ, and Hot)$14.00/10ct
Jerky Sticks$12.00 for 9/pk or $24.00 for 20/pk
Snack Sticks$12.00 for 8/pk or $22.00 for /16pk

Items from the above list are federally inspected. USDA Approved.
They can be shipped to your door (Plus S&H). Prices subject to change.

Whole animal, between 125 – 170 lbs, available at $8.50/lb hanging weight. 
Processing available upon request.

Call (570)-356-7482 or e-mail us at to order.